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The Ottawa West Nepean Liberal Association event -- a special evening with the Honourable Ralph Goodale. More »

Donate to the Ottawa West Nepean Federal Liberal Riding Association

Join us in making our Party stronger. Every dollar that you contribute to a riding stays in the riding. Remember, all annual donations of $400 or less qualify you for a tax credit of up to 75%. More »

What Liberals Need to Know and Consider

There has been a lot happening on the policy front at the National level which not only needs to be incorporated into the strategic plan for Ottawa West Nepean but also which asks that we help provide feedback More »


Our Sympathies

Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberals stand with Canadians across our country as we offer our sincere sympathies to the families of the two soldiers killed this week in Quebec and Ottawa. They were targeted by individuals who have no respect for

Candidate Nomination Meeting

The official notice has been issued that Ottawa West-Nepean will be selecting our next candidate for the 2015 general election. The meeting will take place at 1 pm on Sunday November 2, 2014 at St. Paul High School, 2675 Draper

Happy Diwali


To all of our friends celebrating the Hindu festival of lights, we wish you a Happy Diwali.

No Politics in the Pub for October


As our normally scheduled event on October 27 will coincide with the municipal elections happening in Ontario, we thought it better to encourage all of our members and supporters to make their way to the municipal polls and cast a

September Politics in the Pub


The Ottawa West-Nepean Liberals are continuing our monthly social event, Politics in the Pub for an all new year on Monday, September 29th, from 7-9. Dr. Carolyn Bennett, Liberal critic for Aboriginal Affairs will be our guest speaker discussing the topic

Meet the OWNFLA Candidates for the Next Election

Le français suit l’anglais  Attention Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberals! It’s time to get ready to choose who will run as our Liberal candidate in the next federal election. Canadians will be having a federal election in 2015. Liberals in Ottawa

August Politics in the Pub


Join us for our Summer Politics in the Pub event. We are going to break from our normal tradition of having a guest speaker and just enjoy some nice summer drinks and talk about all of the political happenings in

NO July Politics in the Pub


Unfortunately, due to all of the other political events, and holidays happening this summer, we have had to cancel this month’s Politics in the Pub. Although it had been scheduled for Monday, July 28, we will no longer be hosting one

LPC(O) AGM Delegate Sign-up Deadline TODAY

LPC(O)  AGM  Deadline

If you want a bigger say in how the federal Liberals operate and run, you should sign up to become a delegate at the AGM of the Ontario wing, LPC(O). Although the AGM is September 12-14, the deadline to sign up

Politics in the Pub with Michael MacMillan June 23, 7 pm


The Ottawa West Nepean Federal Liberal Riding Association is pleased to present Michael MacMillan as our Guest Speaker for Politics in the Pub on June 23.  Michael is the co-founder and Chair of Samara, a non-partisan organization working to improve democratic participation in Canada. 

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