What is an Electoral District Association (EDA)?

An Electoral District Association, or EDA, is the formal legal organization of a political party in a local riding. In the strictest sense, they are responsible for local fundraising, financial administration of association resources, working with the party and Leader to recruit a candidate, and organize a nomination meeting. Associations are lead by a riding executive, elected every year to fill positions and responsibilities such as President and Vice-President, as well as selecting persons to be responsible for such things as fundraising and financial management, communications, community outreach, etc. The President of the Young Liberal club also sits on the executive.

Beyond the mere paper description however, an EDA is the face of the party in our local community. We are like-minded people who believe the value of social justice, and understand the importance of a competitive economy. We work on engaging more and more people in our party by believing in positive, community based politics. We hold events on important issues like Old Age Security to work with and listen to people like you to help re-build the party and make our country an even better place to be. Join us, and let’s get to work on engaging our community. We can’t do it without you.

To view the Executive Handbook for EDAs, click here.