Policy Corner

Welcome to the Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberal Association (OWN-FLA) Policy Corner. This section of the Website is part of a diversified effort on the part of OWNFLA that is intended to bring Liberal members and supporters into the Party policy-making and information-sharing process. This process is designed to accomplish three things. First, it is to enable members and supporters to find a voice and foster engagement on the issues that matter to them. Secondly, it is to take that voice and bring it to bear on the Liberal Party Platform in the form of resolutions, petitions, opinion and information items that can form the basis of a platform for the Party. Thirdly, it is meant to provide a forum for on-going dialogue on issues of the day, so as to better inform policy generally and Liberal policy-makers in particular (including Caucus) on a continuous basis.


One of the activities that OWNFLA will sponsor to promote engagement and have members and supporters voices heard is by sponsoring monthly policy forums on the first Wednesday of each month.

In addition, OWNFLA will encourage continuous communication from members on issues though web-based and other electronic communication means such as our new email address at ottawawestnepean.fla@gmail.com. Members and supporters are encouraged to submit comments and suggestions.

Contact for more information