Economic Policy – What Liberals Need to Know and Consider


Fellow Ottawa West Nepean Liberals

There has been a lot happening on the policy front at the National level which not only needs to be incorporated into the strategic plan for Ottawa West Nepean but also which asks that we help provide feedback to the National and Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) Policy VP’s in order to help the Party establish and reaffirm its basic principles and provide the framework for what Liberals stand for given the great challenges Canada faces.

What can you do to get more informed?

To help facilitate this Ottawa West Nepean policy development and engagement process in the context of the strategic plan and in order to provide context for Liberal Party policy and other developments I would highly encourage you to look at the following presentation which is in keeping with how the Party sees the change process and the challenge of policy development (as presented at the LPCO AGM last spring). While this presentation is not about Canada, it is about how societies change and grow – some successfully and others not. Do not let the emphasis on development and developing countries mask the points – as they are relevant to all societies.

Share your ideas at the National Level

Maryanne Kampouris, National Policy Chair has recently circulated a draft vision, mission, values and principles statement which is attached. Feedback is encouraged and can be expressed on or emailed directly to The Party will be gathering your feedback until October 5th. Do the statements in this document address the issues as seen in terms of strengthening Canada’s ability to develop in ways the Liberals see as desirable. Is anything missing?


In the Ottawa West Nepean riding

The Ottawa West Nepean Strategic Plan outlines the policy objectives in the following manner:

Policy Objectives

  •  To engage and encourage our members and residents of Ottawa West Nepean to participate and take action on common causes
  • To develop policy proposals that can be brought forward to regional and national policy levels


  • coordinate with other area ridings to develop policy proposals
  • structure opportunities to enable discussion and develop new policy options

One of the key factors in the success of complex adaptive systems is the need for feedback. I am of the opinion that our policy process must be strong on feedback, to the Executive, to the Caucus. In other words, the Electoral District Association policy process must not only be engaged in drafting positions on issues but on soliciting response and feedback to our and other policy issues. This means not only fostering support but also critical constructive analysis. Allowing people to speak truth to power.
I would appreciate any thoughts you had on that idea.

Thanks and I hope you found this helpful

Bill Cowie
OWNFLA policy

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