Ottawa West Nepean Federal Liberal Association Update

Saturday February 23, 2013

The Future of Work and Employment


If you need a break from the Liberal Leadership join us for an informational discussion with local Liberals and other members of the public to discuss the employment and work related issues that affect your community.


Angela McEwen, Chief Economist, Canadian Labour Council

Todd Lafontaine, CEO, Contract Community (A Headhunter/ Placement Company)

Betsy Kane, Immigration Lawyer (specializing in placing foreign professionals) 

The event will be taking place on Wednesday, March 7th 7-9 PM at Villa Marconi (Main Entrance)1026 Baseline Road Ottawa (Nepean)

Take a look at the event page or website for further updates. For more information please email

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Upcoming Leadership Race Dates  

There are two important deadlines ahead for the Liberal Party of Canada. The first, on March 3, is the cut-off to sign up as a Supporter or Member. If you have friends and family who want to participate in the 2013 LPC Leadership vote, please let them know. The second deadline concerns you as a member. All members must register to vote by March 14. This is necessary to help us build the voters list and facilitate a national, secure online and telephone vote.

  • March 3 2013: 2013 LPC Leadership Debate in Halifax, NS.Cut-off to sign up as a supporter or be accepted as a member, and be eligible to vote in the 2013 LPC Leadership
  • March 14 2013: Cut-off to register to vote
  • March 23 2013: 2013 LPC Leadership Debate in Montreal, QC
  • April 6 2013: 2013 LPC Leadership National Showcase is held in Toronto, ON.
  • April 7 2013: 2013 LPC Leadership voting begins at 00:01 am ET.
  • April 14 2013: Last day of the vote. Voting ends at 3:00 pm ET. Results Announcement event is held in Ottawa, ON.


Connect with the Candidates

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