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Take our survey and have YOUR SAY in shaping the Liberal Policy Platform

 Next February the Party will be holding its biennial meeting in Montreal.  At this meeting, policy resolutions will be considered and voted upon.  The approved resolutions will become input for the party’s platform.    We need your involvement in this process.   

Economic Policy – What Liberals Need to Know and Consider

Fellow Ottawa West Nepean Liberals There has been a lot happening on the policy front at the National level which not only needs to be incorporated into the strategic plan for Ottawa West Nepean but also which asks that we

Policy Corner September 2012 Update

As part of the effort in rebuilding the Liberal Party, one of the issues that has generated discussion is how to engage people in policy-making in a way that is in keeping with the real-time world of today and that

Policy Corner March 2012 Update

Recently, I have been preparing a presentation for the Africa Study Group (ASG). which is made up of people who have an interest in Canada/Africa relations.  As part of the Canadian International Council (CIC), this group focuses on African issues

Policy Corner November 2012 Update

Welcome to the Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberal Association E-Newsletter (OWNFLA) Policy Corner.  This section of the Newsletter is part of a diversified effort on the part of OWNFLA that is intended to bring Liberal members and supporters into the Party