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It costs about $100,000 to run an effective election campaign locally. The riding is responsible for raising the funds for its candidate’s campaign. The Victory Fund is the most effective tool to achieve this goal.

The Victory Fund is a recurring monthly donation that allows you to designate a portion of the monthly amount to the Ottawa West-Nepean Federal Liberal Association (OWNFLA) and a portion to the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC).

You can donate as much as you want each month as long as the total for the year does not exceed the maximum allowed for the LPC ($1525/year) and the OWNFLA ($1525/year) for a combined allowed total donation of $3050/year.

For example, if the riding portion of your tax deductible donation is $127 for 12 months, your donation to OWNFLA corresponds to the annual maximum of $1525. You can donate an additional $127 for 12 months to LPC. You can break it down anyway you like, $5 and $5, $100 and $10 and so on, it’s your choice.

Your annual Liberal Party membership is included with your Victory Fund donation.

There are two ways to make Victory Fund donations to OWNFLA:

  1. Donate online: To donate online enter the amount per month that you want to give to the OWNFLA in the Donate to Riding section and the amount per month that you want to contribute to the LPC in the Donate to the Party section. Donate here.
  2. Donate by phone: call 1-888-LIBERAL (1-888-542-3725 FREE) between 9 AM and 5 PM.

The Victory Fund is not for you at this time?

You can also donate to the Ottawa West-Nepean riding without joining the Victory Fund. You can donate as many times as you want up to an annual maximum of $1525.

There are two ways to make donations to OWNFLA:

  1. Donate online
  2. Donate by phone: call 1-888-LIBERAL (1-888-542-3725) between 9 AM and 5 PM.

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